Choosing Music for Pageant Talent Routines

April 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Kelly Dillard has competed in pageants for many years and has won such regional competitions as Miss West Texas Outstanding Teen and Miss North Texas. A dancer by training and a former member of the University of North Texas dance team, Kelly Dillard has performed on stage with the Black Eyed Peas.

When choosing a routine for a pageant talent competition, the right music track makes a significant difference. Winning contestants choose effective music that is appropriate for the routine, whether that routine be emotional and graceful or energetic and fast paced. Excitement and audience appeal is a must, whether that translates to high drama or an electrifying pop beat.

For more dramatic routines, such as classical ballet, symphonic pieces and cinematic scores capture the judges’ attention best. Well-known film music has been known to provide a background for winning routines, while familiar and catchy show tunes support tap routines or other lighthearted performances. In either case, the competitor should thoroughly rehearse the performance so that it fits into designated time limits, feels comfortable, and above all engages the audience.


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