Resolving the Issue of Cyber-Bullying

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

As part of her winning platform in 2008’s Miss Teen Fort Worth competition, Kelly Dillard spoke out against cyber-bullying. Perhaps more common in today’s world than face-to-face bullying, cyber-bullying is no less damaging. Indeed, it may be even more harmful, as victims cannot simply walk away from the abuse and torment as they might have done in the past. Malicious words can spread to an even wide audience and escalate quickly into threats. Herself a victim of this sort of bullying, Kelly Dillard has taken a strong stance on the issue and has appeared on television with Anderson Cooper to discuss cyber-bullying and the effects it has on today’s youth.

Fortunately, cyber-bullying is increasingly recognized as a major social problem, and around the country, organizations have formed to offer resources for parents, children, and teens, and to extend support to victims. For example, Iowa’s governor Terry Branstad recently announced this August that schools alone could not stop bullying, and to help combat the problem, he would convene his second yearly anti-bullying summit. Resolving the issue, he said, will require the active participation of parents, law enforcement, and the community, as well as those in the school environment.


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