Walk On – Therapeutic Horse Riding for Autism Spectrum Disorders

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Texas native Kelly Dillard has volunteered or contributed to numerous charitable organizations, including MADD and Habitat for Humanity. As part of her affiliation with the Miss Texas organization, Kelly Dillard supported WALK ON. This therapeutic organization helps children with autism spectrum disorders, such as pervasive developmental disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, to manage their issues through brain-based listening and horseback riding therapies.

WALK ON operates a year-round program which helps individuals with these conditions to improve their social interaction, motor skills, and verbalization abilities. The group segments its courses into 10-week fall and spring sessions, with makeup and sustainment classes during the rest of the year. The team at WALK ON notes that the bond between horse and rider helps children with autism spectrum disorders by initiating a kind of relationship which is not typically available in other types of therapy. All WALK ON members are volunteers, with all donations, tuition payments, and other funding going toward supporting the charity and its horses.


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